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Our favorite Ted-Ed videos on music.

4 Of Our Favorite Ted-Ed Videos


Regular visitors to this blog know that we love Ted-Ed videos. Not only are they informative but they are brief — no more than 5 minutes long — and animated, which makes learning easy.

 We’ve collected some of our favorite Ted-Ed music education videos to share with you. Just think, in less than a half hour you could gain a better understanding of music. It’s that simple.


1. How To Read Music – Tim Hansen


The video provides essential information for beginning students that addresses beats, notes and rhythm. Although we wish the narrator’s word usage was better suited for our youngest musicians, this video is an excellent complement to your Music Junction lessons.


 2. Why we love repetition in music – Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis

Any student toying with the idea of composing an original tune would benefit from this video. A good chorus repeated again and again and again makes people more apt to like a song thanks to a concept known as the “exposure effect”  Also, the more one listens to a song, the more he or she can dissect and focus on different aspects of the music.


3. A Different Way To Visualize Rhythm – John Varney

This video is better suited for intermediate music students who already have a grasp of different types of beats. Instead of showing rhythm on a music bar, the educator visualizes rhythm on a wheel that emphasizes main beats, secondary beats and off beats.


 4. BeatBoxing 101 – Mike Chervony, Ms. Chervony, James Kim, Kaila Mullady, Chesney Snow

While we’re not sure if this video will make you a better music student, we guarantee you will have a lot of fun watching it! The instructors made beatboxing so accessible that we were performing right along with them and showing friends our new talent.

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