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At the Music Junction, we help hungry minds connect with the art of making music. The result is a strong musical foundation that provides enrichment and fulfillment in our students’ lives.

The Music Junction’s primary goal in teaching is to make piano, guitar, or singing lessons enjoyable, creative, and engaging. Music Junction teachers achieve this through innovative lesson plans that contain variety, and by personalizing lessons around what the student wants to achieve.


The Importance of Music


Music provides a positive, significant and lasting benefit to learners. Studying an instrument provides an outlet for creativity, self-expression, and individual uniqueness.

For children, learning to play music can help in other areas of education. Independent studies show that children who learn piano tend to do better in school. This is attributed to the discipline, eye-hand coordination, social skills building, learning a new language(music) and the pleasure derived from making your own music.


Children who study music have also been linked to higher SAT scores and higher results on other aptitude tests.




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