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Bob Bledsoe

Bob Bledsoe has been a performer his whole life. He can be seen on stages playing ukulele, mandolin, banjo or guitar, on comedy club stages performing standup and as an actor on many popular TV shows.

As a music teacher (ukulele-guitar-mandolin), Bob works with all ages andspecializes in helping people play songs they love right away, especially kids. His fun, relaxed teaching style keeps children motivated & engaged.

Bob volunteers each year at a summer camp for kids with heart disease. He started a music program there and teaches ukulele to about 50 campers a year in small groups over the course of a couple weeks. Many of those campers go home from camp with solid motivation to continue learning, as well as a few songs they can play for their parents right away.

Bob’s ability to get people playing quickly has helped him attract some occasional work as a consultant on TV shows when an actor needs to learn an instrument or a song for an upcoming episode. He has taught both ukulele and mandolin on set. Bob’s excitement in helping people learn an instrument keeps him teaching any time he’s not out performing!