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Cows Like Pop Music Too


Oftentimes we’ve wondered if the enjoyment of music is unique to humans.

We’ve heard rumors that termites like rock music and scientific research suggests that dogs living in shelters are calmer when listening to classical music but start to develop a nervous shake when heavy metal music is playing. There was also a study that showed dairy cows increased their milk production if they listened to country music.

Well, maybe not all cows like country music.

Farmer Derek Klingenberg has discovered his herd likes pop music and released a video to prove it.  In the video, which has gone viral, Klingenberg plays a trombone to Lorde’s “Royals” as a way to herd his cows. In the beginning, Klingenberg serenades an empty hillside.  As he countinues playing his trombone more and more cows descend the hill. This video is definitely worth a watch!

We did some digging and discovered that Klingenberg’s cows do not have an innate love of teenage superstars. In fact, Klingenberg regularly plays Lorde’s tune before he feeds them and their eagerness to tread down the hill is likely due to the anticipation of their next meal. Still, we like to think that, in some way, the cows are enjoing the music. We wonder what song he’ll play next for the cattle.

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