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Women and the barrier of innate brilliance.

Hard Work, Not Just Brilliance


When you think of some of the greatest composers — Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner — the words genius and virtuoso comes to mind.


Yet, those labels may be affecting the diversity of music composers today.


Public Radio International reported on new research that found when success in academic disciplines is attributed to innate brilliance, fewer women have doctorates in that field. Conversely, when success is attributed to hard work and dedication, the gender balance is more equal.




Well no one is certain but Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck believes that it is easier to exclude people when abstract language is used.


“When you think something is about innate genius, then you think you can judge it,” she says. “You can take a group of people and you can tell them, you have it, you don’t have it, you have it, you don’t have it.” In the high brilliance fields women are not encouraged to believe that success is due to “a way of thinking, a way of analyzing ideas and issues, and the more you’re in it the better you become at it.”


Think this study applies only to those whose field requires lab coats or staring in front of a computer screen typing code? Think again. Music composition is considered a field that people think requires a high degree of innate brilliance as well as non-scientific disciplines such as philosophy and economics.


You may already know, those of here at The Music Junction dislike when skills are considered innate, including singing. Anything can be accomplished with some hard work and dedication!


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