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Make A Dream Come True


Savannah Wheeler is one of our favorite music artists at The Music Junction. She is a talented folk artist with a beautiful singing voice who has the ability to make us feel peaceful and at ease. And she also happens to be the sister of Music Junction owner Charissa Vaughan-Wheeler (Really, they look so much alike you would know they were sisters right away!).


Savannah recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund her first professionally recorded EP of original music. For the last six years, she has pushed her talents and tapped into her raw emotions to come up with a collection of songs she calls “Annie’s Dream.”


Savannah writes on her Kickstarter page: “Annie is my alter-ego.  She embraces her emotions.  She feels it, she shows it, she shares it, she let’s it fuel beautiful music and soul-bearing lyrics.  Please help me to share these songs with the world.  YOU are the main ingredient in making this project successful. Thank you for your support!”


Savannah wants to raise $6,000 by March 5. If she doesn’t meet her goal, she does not get any of the money. As an extra incentive, she also has a special promotion that lasts until Thursday, February 12: Los Angeles residents who donate at least $25 will receive homemade apple crisp, it’s a special recipe by Savannah and Charissa’s grandmother. Doesn’t that sound delicious?


In a campaign like this any amount you can give matters. $25 matters. $10 matters. Yes, even $5 will make a difference! We hope you can find a way to give. Yes, we’re biased and want to see Savannah’s dream come true.  But we’re also biased in that we love really good music and want great talent to find a larger audience.


You can listen to Savannah’s impressive SoundCloud page and can like her Facebook page.


Thanks for helping!


The Music Junction offers piano and voice lessons at our Burbank and Hollywood locations. Call us today to learn more.

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