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music worth noting.

Music Worth Noting Pt. 3


We’re dedicating this week’s Music Worth Noting to unsung artists. The may not be regularly recognized for their great work–they may even be insulted by another artist–but they brought a sense of awe to our day. You remember how important feeling awesome is, don’t you?


Father Raps to Son

This video had us in tears and based on the numbers of views, we’re guessing that others had an emotional connection to this song. Jayce Correia raps to his son Jared who lives with cerebral palsy that has left him unable to stand, walk, talk and see. The video opens with a lethargic Jared but as soon as Jayce begins rapping you can see the young boy responding to the music with his head bopping. Heartfelt lyrics include: “Next to you I feel like a coward” and “I couldn’t be prouder / what you must go through every hour.”


Dancers Interpret “Stay With Me”

This is a beautiful interpretation of Sam Smith’s Grammy-winning song “Stay With Me.” The dancers stay true to the theme of love and love lost and makes us wish we had taken dance lessons!


Beck – Devil’s Haircut

One thing we learned watching the Grammy’s last week is that people have no idea who Beck is. While that thought makes us feel old, young people are missing out on a great, audacious and weird musician. Music.Mic has several examples of why Beck is a radical genius but we’ll just give you one example.

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