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YouTube Kids app.

New YouTube Apps For Kids


Today, YouTube launches a special app just kids and we couldn’t be happier!

Parents with tech-savvy kids know that YouTube can be a landmine even with parental controls. The comments, commercials and the videos that are supposed to be “related” to the content we’re watching are often inappropriate. Unless the parents are sitting close by to monitor, YouTube is probably not an option for many families.

The new YouTube Kids app promises to offer only age-appropriate content and include a parental time. The app features four channels: shows, music, learning and explore and it’s safe to say that we’re excited about the music section. We are also curious what type of music will be accessible to children and hope they’re not limiting tunes to those that are like Barney. YouTube and Google, if you’re listening, here are our requests.


Keep The Viral Videos

We believe there children are inspired when they see other people their age make music. It gives them confidence that they can also tackle this skill as well. Plus, who doesn’t want to see cute and talented kids like the Castillo children? Although it must be difficult to weed out viral videos that are only for adults, we hope children-approved viral videos will be available.


Include Different Genres

As we previously mentioned, children’s music shouldn’t be confined to the likings of “Barney” or “The Wiggles.” Not that those songs are necessarily bad, we just believe children should be exposed to a wider selection of music. We’ve included a favorite musician of ours, Elizabeth Mitchell, who performs folk-inspired children’s music. Give it a listen!


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