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piano sales decline

Piano Sales Decline While Research Continues To Prove That Music Benefits The Brain


Did you know that Americans buy approximately 35,000 pianos a year?


Sounds good doesn’t it?


Well that figure does not come close to 1909, when U.S. households bought more than 300,000 pianos!


Times have changed, for sure. In 1909, the television had not yet been invented and most American households did not own a telephone. Today, there is television and a lot of other distractions including social media, mobile apps, sports and more.


Apparently, the plunge in sales is causing the closure of piano stores throughout the country. Is the shuttering due to a decline in people playing the piano? While, we’re sure there were a higher percentage of piano players in the early 1900s that is not exactly the problem. According to the Associated Press, lower-priced digital pianos and keyboards are a threat to stores that sell only traditional upright and grand pianos. They are also facing stiff competition from resale stores because older pianos continue to remain in great condition.


But not everything is bad. A Western Massachusetts news station reported that newer pianos integrate technology into their products, which enhance the learning process. Some record what the student is playing so they examine their finger work.


Tony Falcetti, of Falcetti Music told WWLP: “It’s the interaction of apps that helps with the teaching aspect of playing .. so there’s a lot of educational tools that we have today that we didn’t have previously.”


Remember, playing the piano can significantly improve your child’s literacy skills, emotional control and a lot more. It is also an opportunity to bring art in culture in your family’s life at a time when most schools cannot afford to bring these enriching experiences into the classroom.


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