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Sarah Strubbe

Sarah Strubbe is a classically trained vocalist and pianist with 15 years experience training under private instructors and professors. Her education also includes a BA in Music and a Theatre minor. She is very accustomed to the stage, beginning her performance journey at 9 years of age. These performances ranged from operatic solos, competitions, choir concerts, gigs to musicals! As she grew, she found a love for songwriting, deciding to commit to piano to aid her newfound interest. Piano became her companion to performance when she left the world of opera to discover what her personal sound was in regards to songwriting.

Other hobbies include strumming guitars and ukuleles, reading, and creating youtube videos. She is also a friend of Hello Kitty and Poppy the Troll at Universal Studios Hollywood! One significant lesson Sarah hopes to pass on is that music speaks even when not. It is the thing that cultivates, nourishes and clings to the very early memories of childhood and arises in moments we least expect. We hear a song and a feeling spins out of the dark and holds our heart in ways we never thought possible. We sing or play that song and we are not just transported, we are nothing and everything the music has allowed us to become. This is a broad concept for a young mind, but one that happens when they do not know it is happening! They will learn and grow with it. And for those who have come back to music or have just decided to give their first knock on it’s door, do not be afraid! Music welcomes anyone and everyone, as does Sarah!