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Stars Wars Without Music


It is hard to imagine Star Wars movies without John Williams’ iconic music full of blazing trumpets and crashing cymbals.

Well, it’s not so hard now.

Thanks to some work by The Auralnauts, a group that refers to itself as audio sorcerers who love to edit Star Wars movies, we have a better understanding of Williams’ role in this much-loved film. The group removed the music from the final scene of “Star Wars Episode IV:  A New Hope” in which Princess Leia awards medals to Luke Skywalker and Han Solo.

In the altered scene the movie is slow. Painfully slow.  No one talks. Instead we are left with Chewbacca’s roars and R2-D2’s shaking as well as half-smirks and knowing glances from the humans.

After watching this clip, it’s clear that Williams’ music brings a sense of grandness and injects the feeling of importance that the movie needs. Without it the film feels, well, silly. Although sometimes we take it for granted, this is a great example on the power of music. It has the power to communicate and entertain without uttering words.

To get another sense of the power of Williams’ music, see the movie’s original 1977 trailer that did not include his music.

For now, all we can do is wonder what type of music will be heard for the newest installment of “Star Wars Episode VII.” Once again, John Williams has been asked to compose!

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