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66% percent of people with music degrees are accepted into medical school.

Study Music … Become a Doctor


Next time you want to break the ice with your doctor, mention Mozart instead of the weather.

An often-cited study indicates that 66 percent of music majors who applied to medical school were accepted, compared to only 44 percent of biochemistry majors.

We’re not totally surprised by this news. A few years ago, a member of The Music Junction attended a cyber security conference —  yes, we have varied interests at The Music Junction — and learned something interesting during a panel discussion.  A graduate student in attendance wondered aloud if her undergraduate music degree would set her back as she attempted to switch careers. A representative from the National Security Agency assured she had nothing to worry about. Many people in the NSA also have music degrees.

Indeed, musicians are everywhere!

It’s hard to pinpoint why music majors are so appealing to medical schools. We know that practicing music stimulates neural activity and enhances spatial-temporal skills that makes problem solving easier. Or could the reason be that musicians are generally better test-takers and simply scored higher on the MCAT, the required test to gain admittance into medical school? Or is being a musician an indication of a good work ethic, which is appealing to medical schools? What do you think?

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