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Scientists have created music for cats.

Surprised? Cats Like Cat Music


As you’ve read before, dogs can be soothed by the sounds of human music but leave it up to cats to be more finicky.


Recent research shows that cats do not care for human music and much prefer music tailored to their heartbeats, personal interests (e.g. birds) and vocal range. If you have ever been awakened late at night by a yowling alley cat, you know what we mean by vocal range. Researchers, hailing from the University of Wisconsin, Madison created a medley of tunes, catering to the cat’s playful side (what they call sonic catnip) as well as more soothing tunes. One is even aligned with the rhythm of purrs, which is remarkably consistent among all cat breeds.


The research team’s website, which is appropriately titled, includes music samples and you can download three full-length songs for a fee. The sonic catnip tune is way too fast for our liking, although we thought the tweeting of birds was a nice touch. We much preferred Rusty’s Tune, which is slower.


What makes this music different from the other cat CDs and music-centered television shows that are already available?


According to the Musicforcats website: “To the best of our knowledge, this marks the first time that an art form has been shown by scientific test and observation to engender the measurable appreciation of any species other than human.”



In fact, a study revealed that cats rubbed the speakers with their faces when cat-centered music played while Bach’s music did not elicit a response.


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