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To Walk Or Not To Walk


We experienced a bit of guilty pleasure reading a recent New York Times article on audience members who walk out of performances.

On the one hand, The Music Junction educators are trained professionals who have performed in front of live audiences. We also host recitals so our students can apply the concepts learned from their music lessons. We would be hurt if anyone tried to walk out of our performances.

And yet, we’ve all wanted to do it at some point!

“Wherever films are shown, plays are presented, operas are mounted and rock stars strut the stage, there are unhappy spectators squirming in their seats and working up the courage to bolt,” the New York Times article states.

The New York Times polled its readers on social media and found the issues/problems that prompt a walk out.  We were not surprised to read that extreme violence was a common issue for movies and irritable, off-pitch performers were factors in musical performances.

Generally, the etiquette is to remain seated during live performances and wait to sneak out during intermission. Sometimes, however, the thought of staying in your seat one moment longer is too much to bear.

At least it was for Geoffrey Glick who told the New York Times what happened to him when he saw a production of “Macbeth”:

“I stopped watching the actors and began looking at the audience. A significant portion were glancing at their watches or looking uncomfortable. As soon as I got up, another four or five did, too, and by the time I reached the lobby, there were about 20 or 30 people behind me.”

We have to believe that’s one walk out that everyone noticed.

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