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Join “Vocalize” on Zoom!

A Daily Sing-Along Vocal Warmup! M-F @ 11:am-11:30am PST

Free! All ages welcome.

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NEW! Now Offering Virtual Lessons!


Now you can take Music Lessons Virtually, from the convenience of your own home, through Zoom!!


While we’re staying safe at home, it’s so important for our families to feel connected to their creativity, and develop their musical talents.  You can do that with the guidance of our high quality Music Junction teachers.  Whether you want to maintain your musical skills or start something brand new, Music Junction is here to support you!


Working with a private music teacher to guide you is the ultimate way to learn. Virtual Music Lessons at Music Junction will give you that personal attention musicians need to really thrive.  Students can study singing, piano, guitar, ukulele, violin and drums with the support and encouragement of talented teachers. Contact us by replying to this email, and our team will work with you to find a Music Junction teacher you will love!